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What is

Martial Arts NOW?

Martial Arts NOW is an online martial arts training program that can be done completely at home with no equipment.

Train anytime.  Day or night.  On your schedule.

Our focus is on Teens and Adults (13+), but kids 6 to 12 benefit from our program as well.

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Online Martial Arts Program

*It's our passion to serve others in bringing out the best that is already within!
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- Add a new skill to your resume and/or life
- Diversify your college application
- Get physical activity
- Improve self-esteem

- Spend little time, for big benefits
- Gain self defense skills
- Earn your Black Belt 
- Earn your Leadership and Character Development Certification


+ 2 Weekly Pre-Recorded Classes
+Access to Skills Videos & Fitness Classes
+ Character and Life Skill Training
+ Live Q&A with Coach Evans every other week

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"What a wonderful program! Discipline and structure mixed with fun. We are so glad we found this program."

Cathy H.

"So glad we were recommended to this facility. Master Evans is fantastic with all levels of students. My son is loving his new activity while learning Tae Kwon Do and so much more."

Rhanda S.

"Absolutely love this place! So glad we found it. My son is gaining confidence and learning life long skills. He is learning how to be a better person and productive member of society. I love the life skills that are being taught. This place is like family and everyone is truly cared about."

Valerie H.

"Mr. Evans is the best instructor I've ever seen for both young and older kids. Not only does he teach TKD skills but he also teaches discipline, confidence, integrity, healthy habits, respect and responsibility. I highly recommend giving this center a try."

Holly N.

"Mr. Evans is an awesome teacher and is great with the kids. He is great at judging how to deal with the different personalities as well and makes it fun for them."

Erin A.

"I have one child that is extremely shy and can be a little difficult and Mr. Evans had been amazingly patient when most would have given up on him. He is finally coming around and I hope he keeps opening up to him."

Courtney C.

"I love this place! My son has been with Master Evans since he was 4 as a Little Warrior and 4 years later he still loves going! This place is more than a TKD build life long relationships and my child learns Respect and Discipline!!!"

Nina C.

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