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3 Programs at your fingertips and on demand


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Build your skills anywhere, anytime.

The Martial Arts Online Academy has multiple programs that were built just for you. Maybe you'd like a complete martial arts curriculum that allows you to start from beginner and work your way to Black Belt. Or maybe you just want to learn and practice basic self-defense skills and build your confidence. Either way, we have a program that will fit your schedule and give you results.

Benefits from our programs:

- Add a new skill to your resume and/or life
- Diversify your college application

- Learn how to move your body in a safe, effective way
- Get physical activity
- Improve self-esteem
- Spend little time, for big benefits
- Gain self defense skills
- Earn your Black Belt*
- Earn your Leadership and Character Development Certification*

*In our complete martial arts curriculum, Martial Arts Now.

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Coach Bryan Evans has an extensive background in Martial Arts. He began his Martial Arts journey in 1994. He has successfully run two Taekwondo centers in the Liberty and Baytown area under his Instructor, Grand Master Austin McElroy, before moving to Leander, TX to start his own in 2009.


Coach Evans is a 6th degree black belt and Master in TaeKwonDo. He has been a Certified Instructor in multiple organizations and currently holds the rank of "Master Instructor".


He is known for being an excellent martial arts technician and fierce fighter. He has earned over 60 medals and trophies from championship tournaments, but his family is his number one priority.

Martial Arts is more than just a hobby to Coach Evans. He attributes his good health, his fitness, his patience, and his good attitude to Martial Arts and the lessons he has learned through over 27 years of dedicated practice.



MARTIAL ARTS NOW: (2 Programs - Seniors  |  Teens)

Train anytime. Day or night. On YOUR schedule. No more trying to fit driving to a facility at a specific time into your life. You have important things to do!

Martial Arts Now is a complete martial arts curriculum that can be done completely from your home with no equipment. Start at White belt and you could earn your Black Belt in just about 1.5 years*.

You will have monthly access to:

-Multiple recorded video classes specific to your skill level

-Fitness classes

-Skill videos

-Character & Life skill training videos

-Live Q&A's with 6th degree black belt, Coach Evans every other week

*Depending on your training. Ranks have a minimum of 6 weeks each. You must pass rank testings to advance to each new belt in the program.


As we age, our body changes like never before.

- Strength becomes hard to build and maintain.

- Balance can start to dwindle.

- And mental abilities begin to diminish.


In the Senior Program, you will have all the same curriculum as the teen program. Additional focus is on developing skills that add to physical longevity as we age. Things like:

- Developing and maintaining physical strength in a safe way.

- Building strong balance and coordination.

- Memorization and focus to keep our mental abilities sharp.


Teens need a complete program of their own. Teens often struggle with:

- Communication that uses shame, blame, and guilt to teach.

- Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth.

- Not knowing safe and effective ways of taking care of their body.

- Lack of physical activity.


In the Teen Program, you will have all the full curriculum of an in-person martial arts program. Additional focus is on:

- Developing positive Character Traits that lift Self-Esteem and foster real growth as a young adult.

- Coaching with communication that strengthens real expectations and accountability.

- Learning healthy ways of taking care of their body through movement both for now and for longevity.



Many people want to have access to real self-defense skills and knowledge but don't have the time or desire to practice a martial art.


Learning a martial art and being able to apply it in a true self-defense situation, takes 1,000's of repetitions and years of training.


The TKD Coach created this program to teach the basic knowledge, confidence, and skills to help get the average person "up to par" in self-defense.

Short Videos

With short, easy to follow videos, you can jump on whenever you have time.

Pick back up!

The program allows you to pick back up wherever you left off. Allowing you to not have to re-find your place.



For any questions about our programs, fill out the form here and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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