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Thoughts of a "Master"

Coach Evans, Master in Taekwondo, discusses life and lessons he has learned through his years of training and interacting with other human beings.


self defense May 01, 2021

As a Martial Artist, I have thought of SELF-DEFENSE a lot!  I could talk about it for hours or days.  But I'll try to condense this for the sake of any reading it.

Throughout our life, we will ALWAYS be around those who seek to drag us down. The trick is learning how to deal with situations. Let’s discuss three situations.

#1) Disrespectful talk: Whether you are a teen at school or an adult at the store, you will deal with people talking smack. You have only to pay attention to your waiter or waitress and how people interact with them to see disrespect talk.

As much as we may want to punch a disrespectful person in the face (and I think they deserve it), it is not our duty to “solve” the issue with force. We have to have other ways for dealing with them. I cannot give the perfect formula for dealing with it. Trial and error will help. If you are a teen, talk to an adult if you need some help.  IGNORING IT WILL NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY!

#2) ...

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