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The Leadership Academy

Here are just two of the videos you can check out from the Leadership Academy - Level 1 course!

If you enjoy the videos, you can sign up for the full program for many more topics and activities.



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Who do you want to be?

We can choose what qualities we have in this life.

We can choose to be someone kind and considerate.

We can choose to have integrity and be assertive.

We can even choose to be rude and selfish if we want.

Deciding what characteristics you want to have is the first step toward becoming the person you know you can be!

"I Am" Activity

Here's your first activity.

Follow these steps:

1) Start with a blank piece of paper.

2) Write your name in the middle of the page. (Use your nickname if you like.)

3) All over the blank space of the page, list qualities and characteristics that you WANT to have.

-EXAMPLES: Friendly, Courageous, Spunky, Empathetic, Jerk, etc...

4) Tape that page to the inside cover of your notebook. (Trim or fold to make it fit.)

5) Now pick your top 3.

6) In your notebook, write at least a sentence for each of your top 3 that reflects that you already have that quality.(Even if you don't believe it yet.)

EXAMPLE: I am a SPUNKY person who is respectful but stands up for myself when necessary.

7) Now read those sentences out loud 5 times each. (While looking in the mirror is even better!)

8) Each day for a week or longer, read those sentences out loud and start becoming who you want to be!



to get 50% off the program!

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