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About Us

Coach Heather & Coach Bryan are a couple with 3 wonderful kids.  They started and own a martial arts studio that has been successful for over 11 years. They have over 19 years each of coaching and training kids and adults in multiple types of activities. They are highly qualified and talented individuals, who together are an unstoppable team who want to lead others to change their lives.


Coach Bryan Evans has an extensive background in Martial Arts. He began his Martial Arts journey in 1994. He has successfully run two Taekwondo centers in the Liberty and Baytown area under his Instructor, Master Austin McElroy, before moving to Leander, TX to start his own in 2009.

Bryan is a 6th degree black belt and Master in TaeKwonDo. He has been a Certified Instructor in multiple organizations and currently holds the rank of "Master Instructor".

He is known for being an excellent martial arts technician and fierce fighter. He has earned over 60 medals and trophies from championship tournaments, but his family is his number one priority.

Martial Arts is more than just a hobby to Bryan. He attributes his good health, his fitness, his patience, and his good attitude to Martial Arts and the lessons he has learned through over 26 years of dedicated practice.


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