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Ownership of our Lives

If you've ever seen an argument on Facebook or even real life, "lack of ownership" was probably to blame.

Ownership is taking responsibility for our lives. There is an inexhaustible amount of topics we could discuss, but here are some quick ones that come to mind.

Actions: It has got to be #1. No one makes me do anything....ever! All of my actions are completely up to me. Others can suggest, try to force, or threaten, but I still choose to take any action (or inaction) I do.

I hear time and time again how upset someone is on Social Media. "It ruined my whole week!" Well guess what, even if you did nothing to warrant an argument or beratement on Social Media, it was your choice to open the app, scroll along and allow yourself to be a part of whatever upset you. Own your choice. It's your fault you are upset. If you don't want to feel that way, don't get on Social Media! I'll take ownership of my actions.

Feelings: This one can be a touchy subject for some, but in the end, we choose our feelings. I can choose to be mad at the guy who cuts me off because he didn't want to miss a turn. Or I can choose to not let it affect my mood or outlook. I can choose to see it how it is. His actions were a mistake on his part. On purpose or not, it doesn't mean anything about me. Sounds too easy? Give it a try the next time you're driving and feel the urge to tell someone they are "#1" for acting like a lunatic on the road. I'll take ownership of my own feelings.

Thoughts: This one can be broken down into way too many parts, but I'll focus on "judgement" thoughts. If I pass judgement on someone else, what I am saying is that I understand completely every single event, circumstance, and aspect of that person's life. I completely understand everything that led up to the choices they made in THEIR life. Obviously I don't, so I'll just choose to not judge them. I'll take ownership of my thoughts.

Progress: If you feel "stuck" in terms of your progression in life, I apologize as this one may sting. My progress as a person. Learning, growing, understanding, taking care of my health, reaching my goals...etc. Is completely my own. I can choose to do ANYTHING, and because of that, I am the only thing that is holding me back. We see so many point the finger at others. "My kid..., my parents..., my job..., I'm too busy..., insert any excuse here. If I am to progress, it is up to me. Now. I'll take ownership of my progress.

I know that many will disagree with these outlooks on life. Many will make the excuses that excuse them of any ownership of their own life. But guess what, no judgement here. I'll take charge and accept ownership over my life, and put myself in the place and around the people that lift themselves up!


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