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Just a Rock into a River

The other day, on a trip through the US, my 7 year old son threw a rock into a river we were walking by. After he did, he immediately turned to me and said, "Dad, if you throw a rock in the river, it changes the river forever."

Yep, just some Buddha like wisdom from an innocent kid. It got me thinking about how we treat others.

We come in contact, one way or another, with many humans on a daily basis. Online, at work, at the store, etc. Every interaction with someone else is this: us throwing a rock into the river of their life.

It may be a positive rock, a negative rock, or even a seemingly neutral rock. But a rock is thrown in their river and they are changed from it. Just as a real rock in a real river, we may never know how we affected their life and to what extent.

A single kind word, a good deed, or a friendly wave can have a positive effect on their life. Just as a grumble, sideways glace, or ignoring someone can have the opposite.

Although we cannot know or decide how we will change a life. We can decide what kind of rocks to throw. (Metaphorically) Be the person you want to be in this world.


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