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Strike First; Strike Hard

When you hear the phrase: "Strike First, Strike Hard" you probably think of a overzealous martial arts instructor yelling and hitting his own students, saying things like, "No mercy," and "Sweep the leg."

But the first part of that phrase is something I try to instill in my athletes.

For years I've heard martial artists and martial arts instructors constantly saying, "Let them throw the first punch." Frankly, I can't stand it!

Think about it. If I let you throw the first strike, that strike might be it. It could be the lucky hit that ends the fight, ends my consciousness, or even ends my life. Your skills don't matter when you're lying on the ground, incapacitated. Why would I give someone that power?

Now I'm not saying that we should walk around beating the snot out of everyone that gives us a dirty look. What I am talking about is if you believe that someone is about to try and hurt your body, don't give them the chance. STRIKE FIRST!

The other part of that phrase is Strike Hard. Another pet peeve (I mostly hear this from my teen's parents) is when someone says, "Hit them in the stomach." Or worse yet, "Just try to block and run for help."

Those phrases assume that one hit is going to stop a motivated attacker, that you can block so much that the attacker gets tired of punching at you, or that you can always outrun the attacker. BS.

Strike hard. Aim to the face. End the fight soon. The longer you are in the fight, the more chance that you are going to get hit with one of those 'lucky' hits.

Now I need to address two things:

  1. If you are an adult or in a life/death attack: Safety is better. Give them the wallet or phone. Run if you think you can get to safety. Don't worry about ending the fight. Just get yourself out!

  2. If you are at school: You will 100% get in 'trouble' at school for fighting. But your parents are there to have your back. It is up to them to fight for you in regards to the school. You are not a human punching bag. You are worth standing up for.

So if you think you are about to be attacked, Strike First and Strike Hard!

One of my favorite quotes from Theodore Roosevelt: "Never hit if you can honorably avoid hitting. But never hit soft."


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