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You're almost there! Here's the plan you've been waiting for. Just click "Enroll" and you'll be taken to the checkout page.

  • Leadership + Martial Arts

    Every month
    Two programs, one great price! Bundle The Leadership Academy with Martial Arts Online Academy.
    • Full access to The Leadership Academy Courses
    • Full access to Martial Arts Online Academy training
    • Live Zoom martial arts classes 1x per week
    • Live belt testings to rank up in martial arts
  • Traditional MA - $49

    Every month
    Perfect for Teens/Adults just starting out in martial arts.
    • + 2 Weekly Pre-recorded Classes
    • + Live group Zoom class 1x per week
    • + Character & Life Skills Training
    • + Virtual Testings with Coach Evans to level up
    • + Access to Skills Videos for each rank
  • Low Impact MA - $49

    Every month
    Traditional program with lower impact on joints and body during training.
    • + 2 Weekly Pre-Recorded Classes
    • +Live Zoom Class 1x per week
    • + Character and Life Skill Training
    • + Virtual Testing with Coach Evans
    • +Access to Skills Videos for each rank

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