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All Dressed Up, with Nowhere to Go

Full tank of gas. Dressed for the day. No destination.

What would you do? Drive? But where? With no destination, a drive would be aimless. So you get in the car and head in an easy direction. It's a safe direction. The same direction you always take. Same route, same roads.

To stay on the same path is easy, thoughtless, repetitive. There's no new experience or excitement.

Now imagine you have a destination. Somewhere you've never been. It's new and exciting. You are no longer directionless. You can plan the new route and go for it. You can experience something different.

The destination in this story is your goal. It can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. It's a different direction that you haven't taken yet. You can plan, but you've never been there.

Without goals, it's like we're running in a hamsters wheel. Our feet move and work is done, but round and round we go, while going nowhere. Our goals give us direction and a chance to improve our lives.

My next couple of blogs are about, you guessed it...GOALS! We sometimes need a gentle nudge (myself included!) to remind ourselves of the importance of self-improvement.

(nudge, nudge)


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